Essentia Capital

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Our experience

While working in Swedbank Investment Funds, the founders of Essentia Capital can demonstrate the following part of their activities.

  • Management of over €180 million of assets in five different funds focusing on both public and pivate markets
  • Management of approximately €60 million of funds allocated to private equity. The amount includes both Luxembourg based private equity fund of funds and managed portfolios in other funds
  • Investments in 46 high yield debt securities across the Baltics, incluing deals in Swedbank Private Debt Fund and portfolios in other funds. Activities carried out by the team include:
    • sourcing
    • negotiation
    • structuring
    • executing
    • monitoring
    • exiting
  • Setting up and actively managing private equity structures in Luxembourg, including:
    • choosing appropriate structure
    • preparation of documents
    • negotiations in Luxembourg CSSF
    • choosing of necessary administrative parties such as custodian, fund dministrator, etc
    • carrying out everyday management tasks

Other experience

  • Corporate finance and capital structuring: senior, junior debt and equity capital

Essentia's track record

Track record

Our experience includes both private equity, high yield debt deals, fund management and set-up of fund management entities.